I had an affair. Told my husband. He left me. I’m in the middle of a nasty separation and divorce with my little kiddos at the center of it all. I hate myself. I hate what I did. And I hate the other guy…who left his wife for me…and then changed his mind.

Dear Mr. Hard to Read

Dear Mr. Hard to Read,

You say that I’M the one that’s hard to read, but I can’t be more clear of my wanting to date you. I’ve invited you out numerous times, I’ve answered every text, IM, call, and been genuinely interested in what you have had to say.

I can only take so much and try so hard before I give up, and I’m getting reallllly close to that point! Either give me the same amount of time I give you and show your interest, or respect that I’m moving on.

Not Hard to Read


Dear Dustin from ChristianMingle,

Just because you have known, like, four Catholics in your entire life, none of which, in your words, “are die hard in their beliefs or know too much about it,” does not make you an expert on the matter. Oh, you don’t think it’s rude to send me messages out of the blue that say things like the following?

Subject: nope
Date: October 19, 2012

“Hey you. Congrats for giving me the big fade on eharmony. And now after seeing that you are catholic, I am so glad you did the big fade! I will pray for your salvation!”

Subject: catholic
Date: April 18, 2013

“Hello, Never heard any answers to my response about what Catholics believe so I guess I was right.”

You’re right. Crap! I was wrong, you are an expert. My lack of correspondence clearly proves my beliefs are invalid. Gosh, I knew there was something I had been forgetting to do for the past six months! Emailing YOU to justify MY FAITH! I am so so so sorry I forgot to send you a message explaining to you what I really believe, I forgot that it’s completely your business, and you are entitled to judge all of us.

I will start telling everyone I meet that before they consider which denomination they choose in Christianity, they really should run it by you first.

You Know Who

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

I wish bloggers would learn to just let things go. Why can’t we all just put on our Big Girl panties and get over it? The more you bitch and moan the worse it gets… Ain’t nobody got time for that!